Pictures of our adventures

Monday, June 13, 2011

Caches everywhere!

Team We've Lost Our Map has logged 8 caches in the last 2 days!  The fun started last night on a whim, and we drove out to the old Rose Hill Cemetery to search for one we couldn't find last time.  We swore it had been muggled, and almost gave up, and then there it was!  This was Caris' first cache, and she found a little rubber friend inside.  He stayed with the cache, thankfully.

We moved on to the caches on the way to Saint Mary's.  Dave found the Thralls Bridge micro, and then we moved onto campus.  We had a nice walk near the Saint Mother Theodore Guerin shrine, and then moved onto The First Mass.

Today, we had somewhat of a plan (haha) and set our for New Vermillion Cemetery, a place where we had previously hidden a cache, but it was lost to muggles or the groundskeeper.  This one stumped us for awhile, but Dave finally found it.  Then we moved to Green Valley, which would be a perfect place with a lake if not for the deep ruts by trucks that have gone mudding.  We wandered around a bit for Humming at Green Valley, but Dave tromped back into the woods and found the hanging hummingbird feeder cleverly disguised as a geocache!  Along the way, I snapped some pictures of the lush woods, and its inhabitants.

Moving outside of Green Valley, I found Below Two Points, after realizing the title gave away the location. (doh!)  And then we went a little ways around the bend to pick up the Charlie Ray Road cache.

And then we came home!  It's great getting back into caching again, and I love the rush you get when spotting that little cache sitting there waiting for you.  The long list of names on the logs makes it all worthwhile.  Before we came home, we checked out a place for a micro cache, because half the fun of this game is finding places to hide a cache!


  1. So cool! I've always wanted to try this, and yet somehow never have. You've inspired me, and perhaps given me a great Father's Day idea. :)

  2. Team Danger would LOVE it! Every kid that we've cached with loves the idea of "finding treasure"!!